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YH-938 TDS Organic Bentonite
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Product: Views:69YH-938 TDS Organic Bentonite 
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Last updated: 2017-11-10 14:08
YH-938 is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent-based systems of low to medium polarity.1.Advantages:☆ High gelling efficiency over low to medium polarity organic liquids.☆ Easy of incorporation. No need for polar activator or making pregel.☆ Consistent in rheology and thixotropy development.☆ Excellent sag resistance and viscosity control.☆ Easy of dispersion.☆ Can be added at any step,Website:://.organophilic-clay.com,even can be used in post-addition to correct the final viscosity of a certain batch.☆ Produce gel with light color and high transparency.2.Typical Properties:ColorAppearanceDensityMoisture(@105℃,2hrs)Fineness through 200 meshLoss on Ignition( @1000℃ )WhiteFree Flowing Powder1.65g/cm3≤3.5%≥98%≤35%3.Typical Applications:●Acrylic paint●Solvent epoxy paint●Alkyd paint●Wooden paint●Anti-corrosion paint●Adhesive●Chlorinated rubber paint●Inks(Mineral oil)●Industrial paint●Inks(Nitro)●Non-solvent epoxy paint●Lubricating grease●Polyester paint●Nitro lacquer●Road paint●Cosmetics●Silica paint4.Incorporations:YH-938 belongs to the unconventional type of organoclays group, being an easy-to-disperse, self-activated organoclay, YH-938 does not require a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organoclay platelet stacks.  5.Recommended Levels:The amount of YH-938 rheological additive required depends upon the type of organic system and the degree of thickening or other properties desired. Addition levels are typically between 0.2%-2.0% based on the total formulation weight.6.International Countertypes: Bentone®SD-2, Claytone®APA                                 NOTE: The information herein is currently believed to be accurate. We do not guarantee its accuracy. Purchasers shall not rely on statements herein when purchasing any products. Purchasers should make their own investigations to determine if such products are suitable for a particular use. The products discussed are sold without warranty, express or implied, including a warranty of merchantability and fitness for use. Purchases will be subject to a separate agreement which will not incorporate this document.